About me


I have practiced yoga for over twenty years, a lot of those with a teacher of Vijana Yoga. With a background in special education I was a teacher in London for many years before moving to Stroud. I originally trained to teach yoga with Integral Yoga and The Special Yoga Centre and more recently I completed a teacher training course with Yoga on the Lane, under senior teachers Naomi Annand and Adam Hocke.

I am currently completing training with Jivana Heyman and The Accessible Yoga School, to become a certified Accessible Yoga Teacher.

My approach

I have a particular interest in establishing community yoga that is accessible to everyone. My classes are a combination of mindful flowing sequences of movement, incorporating lots of options for everybody; breath practices, self-massage and restorative poses to help regulate your nervous system. Practicing Yoga has brought me a lot of joy and I try to ensure classes feel good for everyone, through a compassionate, playful and explorative approach.

I am on a long term mission to learn how to rest myself and am interested in supporting others to do this too. I am learning about rest within a wider socio-political context: its role as a form of resistance against white supremacy and capitalism and as potential pathway to a more compassionate and sustainable future.

I offer a sliding scale of payments to ensure finance is not a barrier to attending classes.

Please get in touch if you have any queries or questions.